Computer Science

Computing and Informatics Research

Our research is inherently inter-disciplinary, and encompasses intelligent systems, novel computation, logic, networks and distributed systems, and image and sensory computation.

CIR members are the principal investigators on current research projects totalling more than 3.7 million, supported by the European Commission, EPSRC, BBSRC and the Royal College of Engineering.

Recently-completed projects include Bridging the Gaps: NanoInfoBio (EPSRC, 289K), and Consequence Relations in Logics of AI (EPSRC, 255K).

Our research in Intelligent Systems covers artificial neural networks, machine learning and conversational agents.

The Novel Computation theme includes molecular computing, synthetic biology, network theory, natural computation and collective dynamics.

Research in Logic and Computation focuses on mathematical modelling for human reasoning and knowledge representation.

Researchers in Future Networks and Distributed Systems focus on the intelligent management and optimisation of large-scale distributed systems and data-centric computing.

Work in Image and Sensory Computation includes face and voice interpretation, human motion analysis and reconstruction, feature-based algorithms, 3D modelling and visualization, computer animation, games technology and novel data analysis.