Engineering Research at MMU

Engineering Research at MMU is carried out within the Dalton Research Institute and the School of Engineering.

This research is mostly applied in nature and utilises the expertise of its academic staff across a wide range of areas related to the development of better technologies.

The emphasis of this research is to improve our lives through (for example) the better application of theory to the design and control of machines and processes, for assistive technology in healthcare, the modelling and design of environments in which we work and live, the production and characterisation of novel materials and the modification of surfaces for a wide range of applications.

Some examples of active research projects are given below:

  • Developing novel techniques for safe, quick and effective security screening of passengers and the general public at airports and other public spaces
  • The development of rehabilitation robotics to improve motor control in children with cerebral palsy
  • The development and control of 'smart grids' for better integration of solar and wind turbine power into the national grid.
  • The improvement of living and work spaces through Computational Fluid Dynamic modelling using high powered computing.
  • Developing improved photocatalytic coatings for 'self-cleaning' surfaces
  • Producing transparent barrier layers for food packaging materials and plastic electronics applications.
  • Extending tool life through the development of improved wear resistant coatings for machining applications.

We have strong collaborative links with industrial partners both locally and nationally, and we are very active in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and other industrially funded research that directly benefits the local economy.

Engineering research at MMU has also benefited greatly from the Faculty of Science and Engineering's £50 million re-development of its laboratory buildings, from a new Mechanical Engineering facility, with the creation of modern, state-of-the-art laboratory space for Engineering research, and has cutting edge computer software and hardware.